Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer Review

Whether you are a professional hair stylist, or you just want to get out the door faster in the morning, you need a hair dryer that is easy to use and dries your hair quickly without damaging it.

The makers of the Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer have come up with the perfect solution. This hair dryer uses advanced technology to dry your hair quickly, without frizz or damage. It conditions your hair, leaving it soft and smooth. No matter what your hair type: thick and wavy, or thin and straight, this hair dryer does its job fast. You’ll finally be able to get to work on time.

Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer  Key Features

  • рydrates and сonditions;
  • fast drying;
  • motor;
  • extra nozzles.

Hydrates and Conditions

The conditioning nanobeads in the barrel of the unit keep hair from getting frizzy or fly-away. It is ideal for those who have permed or color-treated hair. This also helps to dry it faster. Consumers will not have to worry about split ends or other types of damage; it can be used safely every single day. The negative ions clean and freshen hair, leaving it shiny and healthy looking. The NanoIonic™ Mineral conditions and hydrates your hair.

Fast Drying

1875 Watts mean it’s the fastest drying product on the market today. Far infrared heat is used to give you the quickest dry possible. Static, frizz and split ends are a thing of the past, leaving only shiny, conditioned hair.


The long-lasting A.C. motor means you can use this every single day, all day. It is ideal for professional stylists who work in busy salons. A.C. is short for alternating current. These types of motors are generally more durable and quieter than their D.C. counterparts (direct current.) The A.C. motors operate on lower RPMs, so there is less stress on the moving parts of the dryer. Because they last longer and are considered to be generally better, the A.C. motor style dryers are typically a bit more expensive.

Extra Nozzles

The Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer comes with two extra nozzles that easily attach to the end of the barrel. One can be used for styling, and one is known as the speed dry nozzle. The unit will work just fine even without using the nozzles, but it’s a nice option to have, in case you want to experiment with different styles.


The Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer weighs just over a pound, making it one of the most lightweight products on the market. It makes it easy to use all day long, and won’t wear out your arm.

The shipping weight for this item is two pounds.


  • 1875 watts of power will dry your hair fast;
  • ultra-lightweight makes this model easy to use all day long;
  • A.C. motor is long lasting;
  • nano Beads in the barrel condition and strengthen hair;
  • nanolonic Mineral conditions and hydrates;
  • negative ions clean and freshen hair;
  • removes frizz and static;
  • limited 12-month warranty.


There are numerous accessories that can be purchased with the Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer. The Bio-Ionic Conditioning Diffuser is a popular choice among consumers, as are a host of styling brushes, gels, hairspray, hydrator products and other conditioning products.

Straightening irons and curling irons are also quite popular.


There are many benefits to purchasing the Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer. The high wattage means that hair will dry very quickly. It is ultra-light, so even if you use it all day, it won’t strain your arm or hands. The conditioners will leave hair shiny and soft, without frizz and static. The motor is long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for busy hair stylists. There are several settings for heat and speed, so you control how much power to use, depending on hair length, type, strength, etc.

There is a limited 12-month warranty that covers workmanship and parts defects. It does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or accidental damage. It also does not cover any type of cord damage.


The switches are on the handle of the dryer; depending on how you hold it, you may accidentally change the settings or turn it off without meaning to.

Consumer Reviews for the Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer

This blow dryer is receiving rave reviews on sites such as Amazon, and other independent review sites. Consumers are raving about the fact that it can dry hair almost instantly, and professional stylists love that it is lightweight, and long-lasting. Some stylists report that they go through a dryer in four months, and this product has lasted for over 6 and still going strong.

A video review on Amazon portrays a young girl demonstrating how the dryer works and the results. Her hair looks shiny, healthy and conditioned.

Some consumers have commented that other products still need to be used in conjunction with the dryer, like hair straighteners and anti-frizz products. They do admit, though, that this product works better than others.

Other reviews have stated that the attachments seem to get hot very quickly; to change them, a towel was required because they were too hot to touch.


At the time of this review, the Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer could be purchased from the Amazon and other major online retailers’ websites for $130 to $140. It is also available at several retail stores and outlets, both online and offline. The product retails for as much as $200.00 at some retailers.


Overall, the Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer is a great buy at a great price. It is suitable for both professionals and households with one or two users. The powerful motor will last and the advanced technology and conditioners will ensure that even the frizziest hair is tamed. It’s lightweight and easy to manage, making it an ideal choice for those who use it all day long.

When it comes to this product, you definitely get what you pay for. It is worth spending the extra few dollars to have a long-lasting hair dryer that will make your hair healthier and shiner every time you use it.