Elchim 5000r 5000 Da Vinci Hair Dryer

The Italian made and designed Elchim 5000r 5000 Da Vinci Hair Dryer is powerful, efficient and made from pure quality – designed to deliver its best performance for you as a user. This hair dryer is made for your convenience and advantage and it will not disappoint you. Read this review to find out more about this Elchim product.


Main Features

  • 2 soft-touch control switches;
  • high-performance motor;
  • ionic generator;
  • nano technologically designed;
  • attachments for styling;
  • low EMF;
  • 2 revolving, embedded nozzles;
  • life of over 2000 hours.

Pros and Cons

The Elchim 5000r 5000 Da Vinci Hair Dryer is quick and efficient in drying your hair without causing damage. The ionic technology incorporated in the system makes your hair smoother, shinier and sleeker than normal hair dryers do. A great advantage for this product – and, indeed, any Elchim product – is that should there be a need for repairs, there are easily accessible repair centers for all devices. The dryer is very lightweight so you can hold it up easily and reach around very easily – with little effort. It comes with a fantastic comb attachment that really styles your hair beautifully, too!

Customers complain that the packaging of the item is not great, but I believe that it’s the performance of the hair dryer that really matters – not the packing it comes in, which you throw away in any event. Also, there is a long and windy cord that can get in the way, but it’s a small inconvenience. The device doesn’t come with any instructions, but it is dead easy to operate and you really don’t need it spelt out!

Who is this for?

If you hate having to waste time on drying your hair with dryers that either take too long to fully dry your hair, or actually get so hot that they scorch your hair, then you need the Elchim 5000r 5000 Da Vinci Hair Dryer as it takes the best care of your hair and makes sure that you don’t necessarily have to use any other styling products. However, when paired with top quality hair products, creams and gels, this hair dryer can give you a better than salon finish!

Why you should buy this

This hair dryer gives you enough reasons for you to grab it up in both hands. Touted to be the most balanced machine on the market, its durability is quite unmatchable at over 2000 hours.

By using this hair dryer, you will be taking the best care of your hair and preventing it from being damaged by being dry or weak. The Elchim 5000r 5000 Da Vinci Hair Dryer moisturizes and strengthens your hair while making it smooth and silky to the touch – all you could ask for from a hair dryer! This hair dryer dries hair quickly and is powerful, too.


This is a six out of five-star hair dryer! It is an exceptional appliance for a great and affordable price. I haven’t regretted this buy for a moment – and am really sure that you won’t ever either!