Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Dryer V.2

A frizzy, difficult to manage hair could be frustrating especially if you are a fresh graduate looking for a job. It won’t be nice to arrive for your interview with your hair flying all over your face. Nor it will look impressive on a career woman who is about to make a presentation that could make or unmake her career. If this has been your problem for so long, you can stop worrying now. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Hair Dryer is the best solution for you. This device leaves your hair shiny, bouncy but neatly groomed all the time.

Offered for sale by Paul Mitchell, the leader in the field of manufacturing beauty products, this latest model dries your hair fast with creating any damage.


  • shortens drying time with its 1875 watt power;
  • dries hair from the inside out with its combination of silicone and ceramics complex ions;
  • hydrates, conditions and gets rid of frizzes from hair;
  • protects and conditions delicate hair;
  • light and easy to use.

Who is it for?

Women who treasure their tresses and consider them their greatest attraction would love to have this electronic hairstyling device with them. Students whose class schedules may not allow a long time making their hair will find this a very good buy. Likewise, career women whose jobs require them to be always ready to go anywhere will find using this gadget highly time-saving.

Pros and Cons

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Hair Dryer can do the tough job of drying your hair and making it look beautiful in a few minutes. The ions that it releases give your hair a shiny, fresh and full look. It is easy to use and light for the hands. It does not damage the hair despite the high temperature needed for such quick action. However, for frail women, the device could be a little bit heavy and could cause the hands to tire easily. It can also be noisier than other brands.

Why you should buy it

Paul Mitchell designed this dryer exclusively for your busy lifestyle. There are many reasons why this product could turn out to be a good buy for you. First, if you are a young lady just starting up to have an active social life, this grooming instrument will be ideal for you. With this device, you will always look fresh and ready for your next lunch with your friends or for your first date. Second, students who barely have time for themselves will find Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Hair Dryer very helpful. You can always wash your hair before going to school without arriving there dripping water. Women who are job hunting or those already working will find this tool useful in insuring that they look ready to take on any task any time.


With Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Hair Dryer, you’ll always feel good and confident knowing that you have that fresh, well-groomed look all the time. By your looks, you’ll be able to gain everybody’s trust.