RUSK Speed Freak Professional 2000-Watt Ceramic Hair Dryer

When you’re a woman on the go, one of the most time-consuming tasks would be drying and styling your hair! Sure, there’s a wide array of hair dryer brands out there to do the job for you, but none as effective and as fast as the RUSK Speed Freak Hair Dryer!

Unlike any hair dryer out in the market, the dryer uses a sophisticated far-infrared heat system and releases negative ions- which by the way, has its own share of health benefits. So it’s guaranteed not only to dry your hair quickly but make it healthy as well!

The ceramic dryer is just one of the many products from the good people of Rusk®- a leading distributor of professional salon hair care products. Rusk® not only distributes their diverse range of high-quality salon hair care products in the United States, but also in countries around the world known in the elite fashion industry.


  • an ergonomically designed product for maximum control;
  • a very efficient 2000W ceramic hair dryer;
  • a reliable AC motor with easy-to-use 3 heat settings, 2-speed settings and a cool shot setting;
  • two concentrator nozzle options;
  • and finally, with a purchase of this wonderful hair dryer comes a generous 2-year warranty!

Who is it for?

The RUSK Speed Freak® Hair Dryer may be solely designed for salon professionals, but its design, weight, speed and efficiency can make it very tempting for every woman to have and to own. And it has been proven that having this wonderful hair dryer at home can really be a big time-saver!  The dryer is made for every woman and for every type of hair!

Pros and Cons

This hair dryer is so effective that using it cuts your drying time by more than half! Also, the negative ions released by the ceramic element in the hair dryer gives your hair’s vitality the boost it needs. And like using any hair dryer (especially after using the RUSK Speed Freak Hair Dryer), you should exercise moderation on its usage for it can severely damage your hair and scalp if used more than normal.

It offers that balance and control which you would love to see any dryer giving you. Needless to say, its operation is unbelievably fast and smooth. The far-infrared heat cuts your drying time by a great margin, and penetrates into the exterior hair cuticles, thereby drying it out from within. In any case, after drying, your hair would feature a renewed look.

Why you should buy it

I’ve tried a lot of hair dryers, but none can compare to the speed and effectiveness of the RUSK Speed Freak Hair Dryer. It’s professional salon styling right at the comfort of your own home. It is lightweight, well-balanced and so easy to use! You have to experience it to believe it! And the quality features alone make it the best product, so far, to come out from Rusk®. Sure to be a great item to have at home or as a gift.


So if you’re getting ready for the office or going out on a dinner date and you’re in need of a quick fix and then some, then look no further than the RUSK Speed Freak Hair Dryer. It won’t disappoint you, I’m sure. Available where Rusk® professional hair care products are sold.