Solano Supersolano The Original Professional Hair Dryer

Some women often take for granted the manner by which they dry their hair. Some even don’t care enough about their hair at all that they don’t even use hair dryer after drying with towel. Some women think that hair dryers are just a luxury but what they don’t know is the great benefit it can give to provide healthy beautiful hair. Take the Solano Supersolano The Original Professional Hair Dryer. This feature-rich dynamo is one of the most popular and most reliable hair dryers ever made from Solano. Its high-quality AC motor that is handcrafted in Italy is a guarantee for optimum performance and longer life.

Solano is fast becoming one of the world’s most trusted names in the professional beauty industry since its humble beginnings in 1976. It has earned its reputation in the industry in almost thirty years as one of the leading providers of technologically-advanced salon tools. Its global headquarters are in Atlanta Georgia.

This professional hair dryer is quite a powerful tool that offers professional hairstylists around the world great advantage for its superior drying power.


Some features include but not limited to the following:

  • powerful long-lasting motor;
  • ceramic material for even distribution of heat;
  • two concentrators included;
  • technologically-advanced hair treatment technique with the use of tourmaline resulting to smoother, more lustrous hair while keeping fly-aways to minimum;
  • cutting-edge technology in hair drying in the form of infrared heat;
  • environment-friendly, low generation of EMF;
  • 3 settings for temperature & 2 settings for speed.

Who is it for?

The Solano Supersolano The Original Professional Hair Dryer is engineered and designed for professional hairstylists who have profound knowledge in hair care and the creative talent to create healthy beautiful hair.

Pros and Cons

Just like other Solano salon tools, this Solano Supersolano The Original Professional Hair Dryer is designed to provide maximum power that delivers optimum result. Solano takes the term ‘maximum power’ quite literally as this tool comes with an AC motor that is extremely powerful that hair drying is no longer an enduring and tedious process in salons. The heating element inside this tool can get so hot quickly that it does not only cut down the drying time significantly but save on power consumption as well. This tool is equipped with such feature that allows users select three temperature setting options. The advanced and cutting-edge technology applied to this hair dryer is a manifestation of genuine dedication to provide the users, especially the salon owners and hairstylists, high-quality salon  tools.

Why you should buy it

Buying a hair dryer of this caliber is a very easy decision to make. Apart from having a powerful AC motor, the use of technologically-advanced hair treatment technique using tourmaline is a brilliant and revolutionary innovation in the industry.


Solano Supersolano The Original Professional Hair Dryer, truly, is a real deal in hair care.