Supersolano 3500 1800 Watt Lite Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer Review

An award-winning hair dryer that offers many great features, the Supersolano 3500 is a tough and durable blow dryer that offers a variety of features. Designed for professional use, this hair dryer is built to withstand multiple daily uses. Though it was made with salon owners in mind, the dryer is perfect for use inside of the home. Before making your purchase decision, let’s have a look what it has to offer and find out what makes it so special from the rest of the hair dryer models.

Supersolano 3500 Hair Dryer Important Features

There are a number of things that make the Supersolano 3500 1800 Watt Lite Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer different from other professional hair dryers sold online and offline. Knowing them will help you when the time comes to compare available hair dryers before making a final decision. things to consider are:

  • ionic drying technology and tourmaline components
  • 2-speed settings and 5 temperature settings
  • silver nanotechnology
  • extra length power cord complete with hang ring
  • removable filter

I am going to show you why each of them is important to help you make an educated purchase.

Ionic technology and tourmaline components

The ionic technology used in this Supersolano 3500 hair dryer reduces frizz while the tourmaline components provide conditioning. People who use this dryer regularly can expect smooth, shiny hair that rivals the straightness of professional styled hair. The technology used in this dryer was designed to help those people who suffered from dry, brittle hair whenever attempting to thoroughly dry out their hair.

2-Speed settings and 5 temperature settings

The five temperature settings give you many options for drying your hair. Individuals with short hair, or sensitive scalps, can choose a low heat setting to protect their scalp from burns and their hair from over-drying. Anyone with long hair can use the highest heat settings to dry their hair quickly. Also, there is a cool blast setting that will help you hold a hold hairstyle if you are someone who does not like to use a lot of chemicals in your hair to achieve and hold a specific hairstyle.

Silver Nanotechnology

The unique nanotechnology feature of the Supersolano 3500 helps guard against the growth of bacteria. Damp hair or wet hair accessories are all breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. As bacteria grows it can lead to scalp diseases or, at the best, sour smelling hair. Using this hair dryer will help stop bacteria in its tracks before it becomes an embarrassment or worse, a major health issue.

Extra long power cord complete with hang ring

For those of you wishing to use the hair dryer in a salon environment, this will be especially useful. There is nothing less professional than having your clients move so that you can get them closer to a power outlet. The only alternative to this embarrassing option available to most hair stylists used to be using dangerous extension cords. With a long power cord, you can now use your blow dryer without having to rely on dangerous cords or customer flexibility.

Removable filter

Removable filters are a relatively new safety feature. Prior to removable filters, if a hair dryer did have a filter it remained useful until it was completely clogged with hair, dirt, and pieces of lint. With a removable filter, you can keep your hair dryer’s motor safe from the dangers presented by lose particles.

What’s Included

  • Supersolano 3500 1800 Watt Lite Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer
  • 2 concentrators
  • user manual

Does the Supersolano 3500 1800 Watt Lite Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer have a warranty?

Yes, the Supersolano 3500 1800 Watt Lite Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

What Customers are Saying

Currently sold on several online shopping sites, this hair dryer has been getting good reviews at the time of writing. The majority of the feedback received praised the overall quality of the Supersolano 3500. Customers felt that the dryer was one of the best purchases they ever made. A few customers mentioned that they were not sure about the price when shopping, but they were ultimately happy they invested in a blow dryer that produced such wonderful results.

Any Complaints?

The main complaints on this Supersolano 3500 blow dryer seem to be based around a few small problems that individuals have with specific parts on the hair dryer. One customer commented on their dislike for the shape and feel of the handle, while another mentioned that it was a little too heavy for their liking. Though these problems created mild inconveniences, they did not actually affect the overall performance of the hair dryer. In the end, these users admitted their complaints were a matter of personal opinion.

The Good and the Bad

Considering the pros and cons of a product are an important part of the shopping process. In fact, potential buyers looking at reviews and checking for customer complaints are really only interested in finding out the pros and cons. The pros of the Supersolano 3500 1800 Watt Lite Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer are:

  • ionic drying technology;
  • 2-speed settings;
  • 5 temperature settings;
  • extra length power cord with hanging ring;
  • silver nanotechnology.

The cons of this hair dryer are:

  • expensive item for personal use only

Final Thoughts

The Supersolano 3500 blow dryer is a very reliable and well-functioning hair dryer that leaves the hair in good condition and while still drying your hair quickly. Customers have given the hair dryer positive feedback, and even professional hair stylists enjoy using this hair dryer. Any person who is looking for lightweight, reliable, professional quality hair dryer can add this blow dryer to their list of hair styling supplies to check out.