T3 Featherweight 73808 Hair Dryer

The T3 Featherweight 73808 Hair dryer is a powerful, professional hair styling machine that will leave your hair looking better than ever before. This hair dryer has been engineered with leading technology and equipped with convenient, user-friendly instructions for easy use and for easy understanding of how the machine operates to take care of your hair.


Main Features of the product

  • powerful motor of 1800 W;
  • made of 100% tourmaline;
  • negative ion technology to soften and moisturize the hair;
  • special settings (2-speed) in addition to a concentrator;
  • eliminates frizz and doesn’t inflict any damage to your hair.

Pro and Cons

The hair dryer uses negative ions to soften and moisten the hair while drying – this ensures that you do not struggle with frizz or dryness. The moisture helps protect your hair from split ends and breakage. The T3 Featherweight 73808 Hair dryer packs a strong and powerful motor that carries a long life. This is good reassurance in the fact that you won’t have the hair dryer blowing up on you or overheating and breaking. The hair dryer is also quick and very light and silent. This hair dryer will never overheat or burn your hair and you can be sure that you will not struggle to clean and use it. It is safe enough to use every day and for long periods of time – even though it has been designed to dry hair thoroughly and very quickly.

There are few cons to this product. One of them is that the power switch is very easy to accidentally tamper with while using the product – so you can switch it off by accident while using it. Another thing to be very careful of is receiving knock-offs when you order the dryer- many customers have gotten a rip off instead of the real deal, so be very careful!

Who is it for?

If you struggle with drying your hair because you can’t stop it from being frizzy and lacking luster, then T3 Featherweight 73808 Hair dryer is the perfect product for you to buy and try. It will leave your hair silky, smooth and sleek – full of luster and glamour. Your hair will be much stronger and healthier if you use this machine and you will not have weak, brittle hair that breaks easily.

Why you should buy this Hair Dryer

By buying this product you will save on having to buy other hair styling products to eliminate frizz as this hair dryer will do all the work for you. The T3 Featherweight 73808 Hair dryer is an exceptional haird ryer that comes with a great looking stylish design that will make you want to show it off to everyone! You will save money by buying this hair dryer because it will eliminate the need for you having to buy and use other styling products.


T3 Featherweight 73808 Hair dryer is a great buy and is really a bargain when you look at the quality of the item in comparison to its price. Don’t let this one slip through your fingers – get yours today, before stock runs out.