Twin Turbo 3500 Professional Hair Dryer

Drying your hair will never be the same again with this revolutionary hair dryer that comes in a small package. The Twin turbo 3500 Professional Hair Dryer is so handy that you can slip it into your bag when you want to travel and keep it wherever you go. There are no more bad hair days with this award-winning small wonder which works a tad better than any other hair dryer on the professional market. Apart from drying hair faster than one would have thought, it also leaves hair lustrously beautiful all day and free from fly-aways and frizzes.

This Twin turbo 3500 Professional Hair Dryer is another excellent product from Turbo Power, the pioneering company which first introduced turbo hair dryers to salon professionals. Today, they manufacture a wide range of hairstyling products that include curling and straight irons, hair brushes, diffusers, among others.


Some of the main features include:

  • fast drying time with 80 cubic meters of air per hour;
  • a revolutionary K-lamination turbocharged motor with up to 2000 hours of working operation;
  • four temperature settings for better control plus instant cold-air setting;
  • removable filter made of stainless steel;
  • an advanced mechanism that keeps the device from overheating;
  • lightweight body at 490 grams for easy handling and fatigue-free.

Who is it for?

If you are tired of looking for the right hair dryer that suits your needs, this Twin turbo 3500 Professional Hair Dryer is designed for both professional use as well as for home use. Its lightweight and compact design makes it a favorite choice even for the younger age group.

Pros and Cons

As its name literally suggests, the turbocharged motor of Twin turbo 3500 Professional Hair Dryer allows it to produce an increased mass of hot air, thus reducing drying time significantly as well as saving on your power consumption. The best thing about the dryer is that it works super fast and because it has a turbocharged AC motor resulting in greater performance for power and efficiency, you will save on power consumption as well. The handcrafted AC motor from Italy is a real workhorse with up to 2000 hours of working operation with a powerful output of 100 watts. The lightweight and compact ergonomic design is a plus factor which eliminates excessive strain on your arm muscles even for continuous work especially when you have a heavy workload in your salon.

Why you should buy it

This power-packed Twin turbo 3500 Professional Hair Dryer is such a wonderful addition to your hair care tool kit. One thing for sure, you won’t think twice to buy this powerful tool if only to appease your appetite for an excellent hair dryer that really works great. Now, you have a good reason to dispose off an old hair dryer that gives you nothing but frustration and discomfort.


You do not need to have owned any dryers from this brand to go for this product. The Twin turbo 3500 Professional Hair Dryer is truly a revolutionary innovation that sets the trend in hair care tool industry.